Speciality Items
Red Hat Cheesehead Hats
Oak Creek's Unique Floral and Gift Shop
8644 S. Market Place   Oak Creek, Wi. 53154
Dance Gifts for dancers 4-10yrs
14in Purple Passion Ballerina
with a chocolate rose bouquet
          $20 + TAX
8IN Bright Shining Star
$10 + TAX  
14in Ballerina Piglet
$20 + TAX   Flower and Tag with poem
"This little piglet went to dance class"
       8in. Blue Ribbon Bear
 $10 + tax
   with a Blue tag that reads
            #1 Dancer
     3 Tier Diaper Cake
96 diapers, a bib, Stuffed animal, a bottle
 3 wash cloths, a nuk, 2 rattles

                $55.00 & tax
           Custom items extra
  Adult Diaper Cake
32 adult diapers, laxative , pill box, hemorhoid cream,
reading glasses, 6 btls Ensure,socks , hot water bottle
                $65.00 & tax
    18in  Bejeweled
     Ballerina Bunny
               $20 + TX
            10in Ballerina Bunnies
                   Each holding a rose bouquet
                                 $12 + TX
          Motor Cycle Diaper Cake
  64 diapers ,1 large stuffed animal, 2 bibs
    2 Receiving Blankets,1 Bottle, 1 pr Booties

                               $60.00 & tax
                         Custom items extra